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Kirckman at Kings Place: George Xiaoyuan Fu

Wed 14 Apr

Kirckman at Kings Place: George Xiaoyuan Fu

Oliver Knussen Ophelia's Last Dance (2010)
George Xiaoyuan Fu passacaglia on a theme by radiohead (2020, world premiere)
Claude Debussy Selections from Douze Études, L. 136
No 1 pour les cinq doigts après M. Czerny
No 2 pour les tierces
No 5 pour les octaves
No 10 pour les sonorités opposées
No 11 pour les arpèges composés
No 12 pour les accords
Franz Schubert Sonata in c minor, D. 958

American pianist George Xiaoyuan Fu is establishing an international reputation as a captivating musician with distinctive intelligence and sensitivity.

In general, music defies plain definitions and simple themes. But if I had to pick a theme for this recital, it would be one of retrospection: looking through and acknowledging the past, and in doing so redefining the present and future.

All the pieces on the program negotiate this tension: From my own piece, passacaglia on a theme by radiohead, a piano fantasy written on the bassline of the first track of OK Computer; to Olly Knussen’s Ophelia’s Last Dance, a dance written on compositional fragments from decades ago, in memory of his late wife; to Schubert’s dark Sonata in c minor, D. 958, fully realized in his highly personal and autobiographical Late Style; to Debussy’s cycle of twelve Études, a set of late masterpieces that look back at Chopin’s set of studies while deploying fantastical virtuosity and color that reaches toward the avant-garde.

Retrospection means an invitation to reflect on fragments of the past, which are often “related more by personal history and mood than by anything concrete,” as Olly wrote in the foreword to Ophelia’s Last Dance. From this flotsam of memory, I’ve gathered this collection of intimate, stunning music, inviting listeners to weave it into their own personal stories.

Date & start time:Wed 14 Apr – 7.30pm
Venue:Kings Place Hall One - GA
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