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Orchestra for the Earth – Mahler Symphony No. 9

Nature Unwrapped

Thu 26 Nov

Orchestra for the Earth – Mahler Symphony No. 9

Nature Unwrapped

Mahler Symphony No. 9 in D

‘It is the expression of tremendous love for this Earth, the longing to live upon it in peace, to enjoy nature to its greatest depths…’ (Alban Berg on Mahler’s Ninth Symphony)

Mahler spent his life soaking up the spectacular beauty of the Alps, and his music is shot-through with the sounds and feelings inspired by nature.

In this concert the Orchestra for the Earth, whose mission is to spread environmental awareness through music, present the symphony in a chamber arrangement that is as intimate as it is visceral. Experience the celebrated work in a new way, played beneath breathtaking images of Alpine glaciers, some of which have melted by over 50% since Mahler’s time.

Please note, this concert will be 90 minutes without an interval.

Date & start time:Thu 26 Nov – 8pm
Venue:Hall One
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