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Rush-Hour Lates with Brodsky Quartet: Beethoven Op. 131

Concert II

Beethoven 250

Thu 6 Feb

Rush-Hour Lates with Brodsky Quartet: Beethoven Op. 131

Concert II

Beethoven 250

Bach Adagio & Fugue from Sonata for solo violin, BWV1005
Beethoven String Quartet No. 14 in C-sharp minor, Op. 131

‘The Brodskys’ ability to communicate on so many levels – humanity and virtuosity all part of the essential integrity of their approach…’ The Guardian

In this special anniversary series, the acclaimed Brodsky Quartet perform Beethoven’s late string quartets, one at a time, lovingly set up with musical preludes.

Fugue is central to the Quartet Op. 131 which is prefaced here with one of Bach’s own fugues, music that would have been Beethoven in Beethoven’s own ear. This quartet shares both its unusual key with Beethoven’s Moonlight piano sonata, and its slow introduction.

From then on we move into a radically-developed take on the classical quartet structure, with a set of luminous variations at its core which evolves into a highly elaborate coda, gradually returning to the home key, closing a great circle.

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Please note this concert will last approximately 50 mins and there will be no interval.

The Brodsky Quartet performed the ‘Cavatina’ from Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 13 in B-flat, Op. 130 at the 2017 Prinsengrachtconcert in Amsterdam:

Date & start time:Thu 6 Feb – 6.45pm
Venue:Hall One
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