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Jewish Book Week Digi-Pass

Jewish Book Week

Mon 28 Feb

Jewish Book Week Digi-Pass

Jewish Book Week

Jewish Book Week Digi-Pass gives access to all eight KPlayer (online streaming) events for £39.50.


Mourning & Evening — Mon 28 Feb, 13:00

Jewish takes on death, from burials to sitting shiva, with Nessa Rapoport & Sally Berkovic.

Ruth Wisse: Free as a Jew — Mon 28 Feb, 18:30

From escaping the Nazis as a child to a pioneering academic & literary career, an unmissable encounter.

Love & Loss — Tue 1 Mar, 13:00

New York Times bestseller Amy Bloom on her husband’s choice to end life on his own terms following his Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Fear of Black Consciousness — Wed 2 Mar, 13:00

Afro-Jewish philosopher Lewis R. Gordon on racial identity

David Grossman & Melvyn Bragg — Wed 2 Mar, 18:30

Bestselling Israeli novelist with leading UK broadcaster & author.

On Tyranny — Wed 2 Mar, 20:00

Yale history professor Timothy Synder with his 20 lessons from the 20th Century.

Henrietta Szold — Thu 3 Mar, 13:00

Professor Dvora Hacohen on the life of the legendary founder of Hadassah.

Spark: How Genius Ignites — Fri  4 Mar, 13:00

Claudia Kalb on the origins of greatness, from child prodigies Yo-Yo Ma & Picasso to those who achieved greatness later in life like Maya Angelou & Alexander Fleming.

After first broadcast these streams will be available to watch on demand until Thu 31 Mar.

Date & start time:Mon 28 Feb – 12pm
Venue:Kings Place
Availability:Tickets available
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