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Mission to Zyxx

London Podcast Festival 2019

Sun 15 Sep 2019

Mission to Zyxx

London Podcast Festival 2019

Get your flaps ready for the first-ever UK performance of the improvised science-fiction podcast Mission to Zyxx!

Pinkish farm boy PLECK DECKSETTER, know-it-all droid C-53 and hulking, omnisexual security officer DAR travel aboard the seen-it-all sentient starship THE BARGAREAN JADE on their mission to establish diplomatic relations with planets in the remote and frankly crappy ZYXX QUADRANT, while being poorly managed by MISSIONS OPERATIONS MANAGER NERMUT BUNDALOY on behalf of the noble rebellion against the EMPEROR. What will befall them today as they hurtle through THE SPACE toward unknown destinies? Join us to find out!

CAST: Jeremy Bent, Alden Ford, Allie Kokesh, Seth Lind, Winston Noel, Moujan Zolfaghari and a super special guest!

With incredible LIVE SFX, vocal filters and sound design by Shane O’Connell.

In Partnership with Acast

Date & start time:Sun 15 Sep 2019 – 7pm
Venue:The Acast Stage (Hall Two)

Past event

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