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The Guilty Feminist x Brown Girls Do It Too

London Podcast Festival

Sat 10 Sep

The Guilty Feminist x Brown Girls Do It Too

London Podcast Festival

This special episode sees The Guilty Feminist crossover with Brown Girls Do It Too.

Since 2016, comedian Deborah Frances-White has been presenting The Guilty Feminist podcast, exploring the gap between what modern feminists think they should be doing, thinking and achieving and the paradoxes and insecurities which sometimes undermine those lofty goals. Doing the podcast she’s met some other wonderful podcasters who have their own fascinating, hilarious, individual and specific take on the world. This special show is a chance to bring together some podcasters who would never normally share a stage, merge two different formats and see what we get.

Presented by Poppy & Rubina, Brown Girls Do It Too, the critically acclaimed, 2020  British Podcast Awards ‘Podcast of the Year’, is back at the London Podcast Festival!

From the messy realities to the fantasies and sexpectations, Brown Girls Do It Too explores the sex lives and relationships of British Asian Women. In each episode the hosts (over)share their sexual experiences and hear about the sex secrets of some incredible guests. Now in their third series, they continue to break taboos and ask difficult questions such as ‘Has BDSM become passé?’ ‘Are younger men better in bed?’, or ‘Is the baby monitor the ultimate mood killer?’.

Brown Girls Do it Too is a raucous celebration of sex, love, heartbreak and friendship.

Date:Sat 10 Sep
Start time:7pm (Doors: 6.30pm)
Venue:Hall Two
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