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Abel Selaocoe

Hae ke Kae/Where is home?

Sat 19 Sep

Abel Selaocoe

Hae ke Kae/Where is home?

JS Bach Cello Suite No. 3
All composed or arranged by Abel Selaocoe Hlokomela/take care
Ka bohaleng
Ibuyile I Africa (Africa is back)
Ulibambe (hold the sun)

Charismatic South African cellist, composer and vocalist Abel Selaocoe, shares music from his new album in this special opening weekend recital.

Hae ke kae? (Where is home?) is inspired by the concept of taking refuge in different facets of life as a universal urge. It is about literal homes, politics, family, friends, strangers, religion and all things that help to strengthen identity; a celebration of Abel’s home South Africa and an ode to some of those countries that gave his forefathers refuge in the times of apartheid such as Tanzania, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Botswana and more. Through the media of cello and voice, Abel creates a sound world inspired by stringed instruments of the African diaspora such as the Zeze violin (Tanzania), Uhadi (South Africa), Sekhankula (violin from Lesotho) together with his profound and powerful voice.

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Date & start time:Sat 19 Sep – 4pm
Venue:Hall Two
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