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Al Maqamat Festival: Night 2

Tunes & Rhythms of Al-Andalus from Algeria and Tunisia

Sun 30 Jun

Al Maqamat Festival: Night 2

Tunes & Rhythms of Al-Andalus from Algeria and Tunisia

Al Maqamat is a unique two-day festival of music curated by renowned singer Rachid Gholam, celebrating the great variety of ‘maqamat’: the musical modes of the Arab world. Over a weekend in June, Kings Place will come alive with the rich and diverse Andalusian sounds inherited by Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Syria and preserved and developed by its pioneers over the centuries.

Five talented exponents from the region will present Malouf, Al-Tabu, Gharnati, Sama’a, Qudud and Muwashahat, carrying audiences on a varied musical journey through the great centres of Andalusian music via song.

On the second night, we explore more of the Andalusian instruments, with a presentation of the musical heritage inherited by Algeria and Tunisia and preserved and developed by Rachid Ghulam – giving an insider glimpse on how he started his own career. This night will focus on the musical tunes known as Malouf.

This evening, Rachid Gholam will be joined by Tunisian artist Syrine Ben Moussa and Algerian exponent Abbas Rigi.

Please note, this event is for 12+ audiences.

See here for Night 1 event information

Date:Sun 30 Jun
Start time:6.30pm (Doors: 6pm)
Venue:Hall One
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