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Art of Believing

Sun 5 May

Art of Believing

Immerse yourself in the captivating experience of Art Of Believing, a spectacle that has enchanted over 43,000 souls in the past 18 months, filling theatres in its wake. This concert, more than just a performance, is a celebration of the Art of Flamenco and has been honoured with multiple awards, including the prestigious Herald Angel Award, solidifying its place on the international artistic stage.

Art Of Believing is the personal vision of Daniel Martinez, who not only produces but also breathes life into this masterpiece. Through his music, Daniel shares his journey spanning over two decades, starting in the revered halls of a conservatory, where he mastered the intricate disciplines of flamenco: guitar, singing, and dance. The title of the production reflects Daniel’s unwavering perseverance in his project, from his earliest compositions to the artistic maturity he exhibits today.

This concert is an exploration of emotions, from the poignant depths of the Seguiriya to the overflowing joy of the Alegrias, weaving through the intricate rhythms of Tarantos, Bulerias, Rondeñas, and beyond. Each chord and step promises to transport the audience through the rich tapestry of flamenco. Moreover, the show features exceptional solos for both singing and dance, ensuring that every aspect of flamenco is celebrated to its fullest.

Art Of Believing extends beyond the realm of a typical concert; it is an invitation to experience the magic of flamenco, whether you are a lifelong aficionado or a newcomer. Prepare to be transported by the beauty and passion of this unforgettable musical evening through Daniel’s guitar.

This event will last approximately 2 hours.

Date:Sun 5 May
Start time:8pm (Doors: 7.30pm)
Venue:Hall One
Price:Tickets can be booked via the Daniel Martinez website
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