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Distribution of Power - synth workshop

Oram Awards

Sun 19 Nov 2023

Distribution of Power - synth workshop

Oram Awards

Distribution of Power will be holding a 2.5 hour workshop in synthesis play. Facilitated by d.o.p. collective members Natalie Sharp & Vivienne Griffin (both recipients of The Oram awards) and Zara Truss Giles.

We will discuss what synthesisers are and how we use them in our individual and collective practices. You will be introduced to your very own synthesiser from the d.o.p. library and encouraged to learn how these instruments behave and sound with guidance and support from d.o.p., working towards a group improvised display towards the close of the session.

You do not need to bring any synthesisers to this event, we will supply them. Please bring headphones with a jack if you have these (we will also have spares to supply) and if you wish to take a recording of your practice on the synth you are very welcome to bring your recording device with any necessary cables you might need for this.  

Distribution of Power workshops prioritises space for individuals who identify as female, non-binary, LGBTQIA+ and people of colour and carers. We are inclusive of disabilities and neuro-divergent access needs. Our focus is to diversify access and learning probabilities for those who are curious to learn how synthesisers sound and behave and access resources, research and reading materials connected to themes of community, identity and sound. The workshops offer a place for adults to play, listen and take away any knowledge relevant to participants and their practice.

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Natalie Sharp  

I am a disabled artist at the forefront of what The Quietus described as ’New Weird Britain’: “a new wave of underground musicians, creating immersive worlds for their audiences to participate in.” My practice focuses on presenting live music in non-conventional settings, challenging existing frameworks and expectations. I explore issues around gender and sexuality, pain and the body, pushing the parameters within a live setting.  I find it hard to categorise my work so I end up calling myself an octopus artist or a janitor of art. My work is very much gesamtkunstwerk which has allowed me to cross pollinate with some of my heroines such as Gazelle Twin, Jenny Hval, NYX Choir and faUSt.  I have worked with The BFI film as one of their film archive and music laboratory artists and Flatpack film festival as a waveform artist, both of which resulted in new works around foley art with moving image of the body in chronic pain. I have created moving image work as a director, editor, makeup artist, costume maker, lighting tech, sound designer and actor.

I’ve worked in many of these above forms with many artists, including, Maxine Peake, Hannah Peel, Liv Ullmann, Gemma Wheelan, Jenny Hval, Gazelle Twin, wrangler (the band) and Lily James

My work straddles; dada maximalist surrealism somewhere on the edge of magical chaos and entropy.

Vivienne Griffin

Vivienne Griffin (they/them) was born in Dublin, Ireland. Griffin studied fine art at Hunter City University New York supported by a Fulbright Scholarship. Moving between digital and physical worlds Griffin is an anti-disciplinary artist who uses video, sound, metal, stone and drawing. Griffin explores the emancipatory prompts that technology can offer us through the voice and the digital.

Recent shows include and events include Quantum listening, Camden Arts, Centre with Ignota books, 2023, Transmediale, Berlin, 2023 On Paper, ECHO, Cologne, 2022, Latent Joy, St Mary Le Strand, with Paul Purgas and invited guests, 2022, Mercy, a single channel video, funded by King’s x Somerset House Studios research fund with law researcher Cari Hyde-Vaamonde in 2022, Poet Slash Artist at Manchester International Festival, 2021, the AGM in Somerset House, 2021, Montez Press Radio in NYC, Condo at Southard Reid, London. They won an Oram Award in 2021, they are a resident at Somerset House Studios, London and are represented by Bureau NYC. They completed a one year DPhil at the Royal College of Art, where they are now an Associate Lecturer.

Zara Truss-Giles

Zara Truss-Giles (they/them) is a cross-disciplinary artist and artist-producer living in London and has explored a 20 year practice of a DJ, club curator, producer, performance artist and dancer. Their personal art project W.H.Y. is rooted in the hidden and untold histories of individuals and community movements, through extensive research projects and conversations with those with living memories, stories and experiences.

Zara has worked for Warp Records and Somerset House Studios, and has produced for artists Thomas J. Price, Alexis Blake and Otolith Group. Their work is focused on community action and organising, alongside being a founder of ‘Distribution of Power’, Zara is one of the founding members of Nine Nights – a Black-owned music, art and creative education initiative working to counteract systemic racism in the music industry. Zara is an active member in ‘We Exist’ – a trans* led organisation that provides more space for trans* people to platform their work, their ideas and discuss issues affecting the community. This exists through taking up space in the city of London through pop up cafes, art spaces, exhibitions and more, and is also the founder of distribution of power.

Date:Sun 19 Nov 2023
Start time:1pm (Doors: 12.30pm)
Venue:St Pancras Room

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