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Elaha Soroor, Golnar Shahyar + more

Vaak Stage Festival

A celebration of vibrant sounds from the Middle East and beyond

Sat 29 Jul 2023

Elaha Soroor, Golnar Shahyar + more

Vaak Stage Festival

A celebration of vibrant sounds from the Middle East and beyond

Join us for an unforgettable night of music, featuring a diverse and talented all-female lineup from the Middle East, followed by Pouya Ehsaei’s unique electronic soundscapes.

Vaak Records and Art Stage are thrilled to present Vaak Stage Festival, which will take place over two weekends in July. This two-day takeover of Kings Place’s iconic ‘Hall One’ will feature an eclectic lineup of world-renowned musicians and composers from various regions of the Middle East and beyond.

On July 29th, they will feature a diverse and talented all-female line-up, accompanied by a group of jazz musicians led by Mahan Mirarab, a virtuoso guitarist and composer from Vienna. The line-up, in alphabetical order, includes:

Aida Shahghasemi
Minneapolis-based musician and vocalist with Iranian roots. Aida pursued her studies in Psychology and Anthropology at the University of Minnesota, focusing on the cultural dimensions of Persian Classical Music and the challenges faced by Iranian female vocalists.

Basma Jabr
Syrian-Austrian vocalist known for her soulful and expressive style.

Elaha Soroor
Musician, vocalist, composer, and designer originally from Afghanistan, recognised for her powerful vocals and dedication to preserving and promoting Afghan music.

Golnar Shahyar
Iranian-Austrian musician and composer who combines traditional Iranian music with jazz and pop elements.

Misagh Morady
Iranian musician and composer who has collaborated with several renowned artists, including a notable performance at the Woman Life Freedom concert at the Royal Festival Hall.

Mona Matbou Riahi
Iranian-Austrian clarinet player and composer known for her innovative blend of classical and modern music.

The night will culminate with an electrifying performance by Pouya Ehsaei, an electronic musician and modular synth artist from Iran. Pouya will be joined by Golnar Shahyar and Mona Matbou Riahi in his new trio for a unique and captivating musical experience. Pouya’s soundscapes are a reflection of his experiences and struggles as a creative artist in Iran, where most musical genres, including electronic and dance music, are prohibited. Hailing from the undergrounds of Tehran, his unique style combines elements of traditional Iranian music with experimental electronic sounds, creating a mesmerizing fusion that pushes the boundaries of contemporary music.

Together, these exceptional artists will present a unique and exciting blend of music, showcasing their cultural backgrounds and musical influences. This promises to be an unforgettable experience of musical innovation and cultural exchange.

The performance will last approximately 2 hours, including an interval.

Date:Sat 29 Jul 2023
Start time:7.30pm (Doors: 7pm)
Venue:Hall One

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