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Inner Temple

With Christina McMaster and Tom Middleton

Sound Unwrapped

Sun 8 Oct

Inner Temple

With Christina McMaster and Tom Middleton

Sound Unwrapped

Part 1 David Cole: Meditation guide
Part 1B Inside the Fire
Part 2 Purity
Part 2B “and I heard a heavenly voice speak to me”
Part 3 Cloud of secret mystery
Part 4 Divine Power
Part 5 Sereneness
Part 6 Brightness
Part 7 Soft Caressing Rain
Part 8 Antiphon of Divine Love
Christina McMaster piano
Tom Middleton Sound Artist/Wellness Music Pioneer

A unique electro acoustic collaboration between pianist Christina McMaster and wellness music pioneer and ambient composer Tom Middleton, that will be experienced via an altered perspective – lying down for conscious listening.

Be immersed in the sound of ‘Inner Temple’ – A performance for piano, electronic and nature soundscapes, with meditation guide is a 360’ immersive sonic journey of new and improvised music inspired by 12th century Priestess, plant medicine healer, eco-activist and sonic visionary Hildegard Von Bingen.

Hildegard’s vision and painting ‘The Universe’ – a vision of pure creation, the four elements and their meaning – influenced the music you’ll hear. The vision doesn’t deny the darkness, but leans right into the core of it, embracing its contrast with the light as an essential part in the process of creation.

Almost every electronic sound originates from the piano and even the soft rain sound is sourced from Bingen itself where Hildegard lived.

Feel the vibrations through your body as you lie down on cushions for deep and conscious listening.

This project is supported by Help Musicians UK 

The performance will last approximately 60 minutes.

Date:Sun 8 Oct
Start time:2pm (Doors: 1.30pm)
Venue:Hall Two

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