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Ligeti Quartet – Sense

Sat 10 Nov 2018

Ligeti Quartet – Sense

Helmut Lachenmann Gran Torso, String Quartet No. 1
Kerry Andrew tInNiTuS sOnGs
Georg Friedrich Hass In iij Noct., String Quartet No. 3
Mandhira de Saram violin I
Patrick Dawkins violin II
Richard Jones viola
Val Welbanks cello

How does limiting our senses change how we experience music? An ensemble at the forefront of groundbreaking modern music the Ligeti Quartet examine ‘sense’ in the first instalment of a series of concerts exploring music and the brain.

Be immersed in pitch darkness for an intense perceptual experience with music by Georg Friedrich Haas.  Explore deeply personal dialogues between composer/singer/writer/TV personality Kerry Andrew and her experiences of hearing in the world premiere of tInNiTuS sOnGs.  To see is as much as to hear in music by Helmut Lachenmann where the string quartet is reduced to raw materials of wood, metal, string, and hair.

Please be aware that a total blackout is used for the second half of this performance.

Date:Sat 10 Nov 2018
Start time:7.30pm (Doors: 7pm)
Venue:Hall Two

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