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‘The Music Room’ – Debut Show by Aley

Presented by MARSM

Sat 25 May

‘The Music Room’ – Debut Show by Aley

Presented by MARSM

Egyptian artist Aley invites you to embark on a mesmerizing musical journey that transcends genres and borders. ‘The Music Room’ is a two-hour spectacle that merges music, immersive projections, and storytelling.

Aley’s music, characterized by an innovative mix of alternative pop and Middle Eastern elements, takes center stage, captivating the audience for 90 minutes. The opening act features a line-up of skilled instrumentalists.

‘The Music Room’ combines Aley’s passion for music, technology, and immersive experiences. It merges his EP, Rasayel | Letters, and an unreleased album, Qesas w Hekayat | Folks and Tales, to create a musical diary that explores self-discovery and personal narratives.

This event will last approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes including interval

About Aley:

Aley is an Egyptian independent musician and immersive creative director. His debut Arabic album is set to be released May 2024 and be performed live for the first time at Kings Place. The alarum reflects his vision as a singer, songwriter, and pianist, showcasing a unique blend of alternative pop with rich Middle Eastern influences. Aley’s music, a therapeutic avenue for expressing emotions and subconscious messages, has garnered significant acclaim, with his last single amassing over 350K streams, finding its way into 9,000 playlists, and hitting the top charts 99 times. In his twelve years of immersive industry experience, Aley has not only proven himself as a creative technologist but is poised to leave an indelible mark as a visionary artist and musician, seamlessly blending innovation, emotion, and cultural depth.

Date:Sat 25 May
Start time:7.30pm (Doors: 7pm)
Venue:Hall Two
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