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Driven by an uncompromising love of music, Edition Records is a British independent jazz record label with a European sensibility and global presence.

Described by the Irish Times as ‘one of the more artistically credible independent labels to emerge in Europe’, Edition has developed a formidable reputation as one of the most forward thinking music businesses, bridging the gap between creativity and strategy.

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Liam Noble with Seb Rochford and Tom Herbert

Jazz / Edition Records

With a brand new release The Long Game on Edition Records, Liam Noble moves into new sonic territory, teaming up with the iconic rhythm section from Polar Bear.

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Edition Records presents Kevin Hays & Lionel Loueke - Hope

Jazz / Edition Records

Pianist Kevin Hays and guitarist Lionel Loueke bring their phenomenal musical synergy to an inspired, spiritual exploration.

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Edition Records presents Roller Trio

Jazz / EFG London Jazz Festival 2019

Roller Trio are a unique band. Their sound is modern and gritty, pushing sonic boundaries to their limits.

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