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Groove Baby presents: Groove Into Space

Sun 14 Apr 2019

Groove Baby presents: Groove Into Space

Cameron Reynolds organ / composer / storyteller
Chris Nickolls drums
Laurence Corns guitar

A huge family favourite in the London Jazz Festival, Groove Baby returns with another exciting and entertaining show especially for 3 – 7 year olds and their grown-ups!

Created for families with small children, this programme is a pleasing mix of storytelling, interactive music-making and movement (for the little ones) with outstanding moon jazz, interstellar soul and space funk (for everyone).

Download the free Groove Into Space APP from Rumpus Animation so you can take part in our interactive STAR-SCAPE during the show (that’s right – use your mobile phone in the show!). Available on both iTunes and Play Store.

Strap on your space suits and get ready to moonwalk, sing, play along and feed your need to hear top music all at the same time. Specially designed to be a midpoint between kid shows and adult concerts this show has something for everyone (in the universe).

Groove Into Space is designed to be a midpoint between children’s entertainment and ‘regular’ adult concerts. The show follows an original narrative told by the band as a story interspersed with a mixture of original tunes and (space) jazz classics.

This will be mixed with moments of physical and musical interactivity using basic props such as body percussion and mobile phones. All mixed together creating a fast paced and engaging theatre experience.

The duration of this show is approx. 40 minutes. Suitable for children ages 3 – 7.

Dates & start times:Sun 14 Apr 2019 - 10am, 11.30am
Venue:Hall Two

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