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Daphne's Flight

Christine Collister, Melanie Harrold, Julie Matthews, Helen Watson and Chris While

Mon 10 May

Daphne's Flight

Christine Collister, Melanie Harrold, Julie Matthews, Helen Watson and Chris While

‘Solid gold standard dream-team music making. A key album of this year already, and no mistake’ froots

‘Individually they are classy performers, together they are utterly sublime’ FRUK

Sisters are doing it for themselves – as they have for 25 years.

Five of the finest singer-songwriters of their generation, Daphne’s Flight is a unique and magical blend of individual styles that captivate audiences with complex harmony arrangements, unbridled energy and the infectious joy of performing together.

But what’s most empowering about this ensemble is that they are unashamedly themselves and refuse to compromise. On anything. They run every single aspect of their career. Daphne’s Flight are five strong women, outstanding singing talents and multi-instrumentalists, and close friends whose sum equals more than the individual parts.

These five friends first sang together on stage exactly 25 years ago at Cambridge Folk Festival, before recording an album and touring the following year in 1996. The project marked a turning point in the role of women within the English folk movement. Now, 25 years older and 25 years wiser, the unfettered joy of the music and what it does for both the artists and audience is still their driving force.

Please note, the original date for this event was Wednesday 20 May 2020. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, this event had to be postponed. Read our full statement.

Date & start time:Mon 10 May – 8pm
Venue:Hall One
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