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Lau: Unplugged

+ Juliette Lemoine and Chris Amer

Scotland Unwrapped

Fri 26 Apr

Lau: Unplugged

+ Juliette Lemoine and Chris Amer

Scotland Unwrapped

Beloved folk trio Lau present their Unplugged show as part of Scotland Unwrapped, in which they return to their instruments’ natural soundscapes for an evening’s exploration of re-arranged and re-created material from across their catalogue.

A stripped-down performance without pedalboards or electronics, just voice, fiddle, guitar and accordion, and a 4-track tape Recorder, Kris Drever (guitar and vocals), Martin Green (accordion, Wurlitzer, keys, electronics) and Aidan O’Rourke (fiddle) are back to present music that is complex, accessible, challenging, comforting and delivered with spiritual conviction.

They come from the legendary melting pot of the Edinburgh trad scene at the turn of the century and have created a mix from the fabric of Scottish and Irish musical heritage, progressive art rock ideas and a playful sense of theatre. They’ve won all sorts of plaudits nationally and internationally and sold-out venues worldwide. After almost 18 years in existence, they’re still in love with the music they get to make and practising the art of sharing it.

‘Lau are a remarkable band – the most musically adventurous trio in British folk exquisite and hypnotic, musicianship at its best.’ The Guardian

This event will last approximately 2 hours, including an interval.

About Juliette Lemoine and Chris Amer:

Two exceptional and accomplished new voices on the Scottish music scene, Juliette Lemoine and Chris Amer together explore traditional Scottish music with originality, energy and depth.

Since launching her SAY Award Long-listed album Soaring with a sold-out performance at Celtic Connections 2023, cellist Juliette has continued to cement her status as a trailblazer, progressing and redefining the cello within Scottish traditional music. Chris Amer plays a unique 5-string theorbed tenor guitar and exemplifies a thoughtful, musically intelligent playing style. As a unique duo, their live performances are an immersive dialogue characterised by rich emotional colour, close interaction and vibrant spontaneity.

We’re grateful for the support of Showcase Scotland Expo across our Scotland Unwrapped year, enabling us to showcase upcoming talent, like Juliette Lemoine and Chris Amer.

Date:Fri 26 Apr
Start time:7.30pm (Doors: 7pm)
Venue:Hall One

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