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Nu Civilisation Orchestra - Parallel

A tribute to Joe Harriott

From Tomorrow’s Warriors

Sun 4 Jul

Nu Civilisation Orchestra - Parallel

A tribute to Joe Harriott

From Tomorrow’s Warriors

Nu Civilisation Orchestra
Peter Edwards piano
Nathaniel Facey alto sax

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Nu Civilisation Orchestra presents a sonic and visual tribute to Joe Harriott, the legendary free-form Jamaican jazz genius who settled in London in 1952 and went on to explore the sounds of the city and the musicians he met there to create his own characteristic style of jazz.

A Bebop player at heart, Harriott fused the influences of Charlie Parker with his Jamaican musical sensibility to create his unique sound, in which his Caribbean roots were always audible.

For this one-off King’s Place performance, an 11-piece Nu Civilisation Orchestra will focus on the music of Harriott’s Abstract era and his distinctive and demanding method of group improvisation, which emphasized a dialogue between musicians rather than individual solos, challenging instrumentalists to re-orientate their playing and create an ever-shifting soundscape.

Nu Civilisation Orchestra will feature musical director, Peter Edwards on piano and Nathaniel Facey on alto saxophone.

This show is brought to you in association with Tomorrow’s Warriors, a pioneering talent development organisation, creative producer, learning provider and charity specialising in jazz.

Date & start time:Sun 4 Jul – 7pm
Venue:Kings Place Hall One - GA
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