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Marketing Your Podcast

Sun 16 Sep 2018

Marketing Your Podcast

Once you’ve got a great show, you need some listeners. With so many podcasts in the world, trying to build your own following can seem overwhelming and like you’re shouting into an uncaring void. What’s the best way to interact with listeners, find new people to target for your show, and get people to actually listen?

In this session, we’ll discuss techniques for marketing your podcast from social media posts to email newsletters to old-fashioned press releases. We’ll look at the strategies you can employ to make the most of your following and ensure that the internet tumbleweed is nowhere near your episodes. It’s all practical, friendly and accessible — no special skills or prior knowledge required.

Caroline Crampton — head of podcasts at the New Statesman and co-host of the pop culture podcast SRSLY — will be leading the discussion. She’ll be available for questions about any show and any platform, drawing on her years of experience running podcasts for various media companies.

Date & start time:Sun 16 Sep 2018 – 11am
Venue:Battlebridge Room

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