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The Future of Audio Fiction

London Podcast Festival | Podcast Maker Weekend

The Future of Audio Fiction

London Podcast Festival | Podcast Maker Weekend

Rusty Quill provides a map to the treasures of audio fiction. Why Audio Fiction? How do you build a world renowned show independently? What’s are the upcoming trends in fiction? Intellectual Property tips and Marketing tricks to help you navigate the next big wave.

Alexander J Newall is the Founder and CEO of Rusty Quill Ltd. and holds multi-award winning professional credits as a Director, Writer, Actor and Producer.

April Sumner has an MS in production and has been working as the Executive of Production at Rusty Quill Ltd since 2019. She attaches the teams to all of the creative projects at Rusty Quill, and orchestrates their development from commissioning to final release.

杉本 Nemo Martin is an award-winning London-based writer. For Rusty Quill they are the creator and Lead Writer of Trice Forgotten, a new nautical epic.

Date:Sun 18 Sep
Start time:12pm (Doors: 11.30am)
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