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The Crick Crack Club, the UK’s premiere performance storytelling organisation, responds to Venus Unwrapped with three spectacular tales of powerful mythic women from around the world. From India, we encounter Kali, the demon-slayer, life-saver and Supreme Mother. In The Son of the Buffalo Women Jan Blake takes us back to the founding of the great Malian empire of West Africa, a story of such dark force it’s telling has been forbidden. Last but not least, from Russia, comes The Frog Princess Punked, in which The Swamp Girls and Sally Pomme Clayton unleash the wild energy of Baba Yaga.

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The Crick Crack Club presents…

Words / The Crick Crack Club

Performance storytelling by Ben Haggarty with music by Jonah Brody

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Crick Crack Club presents

Words / The Crick Crack Club

Performance story-telling by Hugh Lupton

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