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Diversity: Easier than you Think...

Sat 7 Sep 2019

Diversity: Easier than you Think...

Diversity makes industries better, but the audio industry still has a long way to go.  That said, fixing the problem is not an impossible task, so it’s time to talk solutions!

What can companies do to make sure their teams are more diverse? How can we help people from underrepresented groups gain access to the industry?

To make the changes that everyone keeps talking about, we need to do things a bit differently. So if you’re tired of the same box-ticking approach to diversity, or want to know how you can make your company more representative, this panel discussion is for you! The panel will be led by Reya El Salahi, where she’ll joined by multimedia producer and associate lecturer Lisa Hack, diversity consultant Leanne Allie and the Head of podcast partnerships at Spotify UK James Cator.

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Reya El Salahi is a News and Current affairs presenter, reporter, journalist and documentary maker. Her repertoire includes work with Channel 4, BBC, Which?, NPR and more.

Lisa Hack is a multimedia producer and associate lecturer at Goldsmiths University. Lisa is also and part of the Multitrack Fellowship, an audio producer fellowship, for people who want to gain professional experience making radio and podcasts.

Leanne Alie is a Podcast Project Manager at one of the UK’s largest radio stations, specialising in podcast marketing. She is also the founder of In-clued Consulting, which is a firm specialising in diversity consulting services for the audio and creative industries. She has worked with the British Podcast Awards and the London Podcast Festival to develop their diversity strategies and aims to improve representation within the audio industry.

James Cator has over a decade of experience working in the media, with a focus on music and technology. James is currently the Head of podcast partnerships at Spotify UK, and senior producer for Spotify’s UK Originals.

Date & start time:Sat 7 Sep 2019 – 2pm
Venue:The Acast Stage (Hall Two)

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