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Kindertransport and Beyond

Jewish Literary Foundation presents Book Week 24

Sun 3 Mar

Kindertransport and Beyond

Jewish Literary Foundation presents Book Week 24

Speakers Andrea Hammel, Eithne Nightingale, Milena Grenfell-Baines MBE
Chair Trudy Gold

Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines, rescued by Nicholas Winton, joins educator Trudy Gold and the authors of The Kindertransport: What Really Happened and Child Migrant Voices in Modern Britain.

85 years after the Kindertransport, children continue to flee their homes in search of safety. This special panel brings together expertise and personal experience spanning nine decades.

Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines was one of 669 children rescued by Nicholas Winton from Czechoslovakia in 1939. In The Kindertransport: What Really Happened Dr Andrea Hammel explores some of the uncomfortable truths behind the complex visa waiver scheme that brought some 10,000 children and young people to the UK. And in Child Migrant Voices in Modern Britain Dr Eithne Nightingale curates oral histories from 1930 to the present day. They join educator Trudy Gold.

Buy a copy of The Kindertransport by Andrea Hammel and Child Migrant Voices by Eithne Nightingale.

The event will last approximately 1 hour, without an interval.

About the Speakers:

Andrea Hammel is Reader in the Department of Modern Languages and the Director of the Centre for the Movement of People at Aberystwyth University.

Dr Eithne Nightingale has over forty years’ experience of working on equality issues in the education and cultural sectors. As V&A’s Head of Equality and Diversity she co-produced the World in the East End Gallery at the V&A Museum of Childhood (now Young V&A) that became the inspiration for her PHD in Child Migration at Queen Mary University of London and the related films and public engagement programme Child Migrant Stories.  For this she interviewed Blanca Stern (nee Schreiber) and Rabbi Gluck, son of Necha (Natalie) Gluck (nee Dux) from the Orthodox Jewish community who arrived from Austria, aged 8 and 10 respectively, in 1938 on the Kindertransport organised by Rabbi Schonfeld. Their experiences open the book Child Migrant Voices in Modern Britain – Oral Histories 1930s to the Present Day published by Bloomsbury February 2024. Eithne is also an award-winning writer, photographer and film maker and lives in Hackney East London.

Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines MBE was born in Czechoslovakia in 1929. Her father was recommended to leave Czechoslovakia the day before the Nazis invaded because he was both Jewish and a supporter of an anti-Nazi author.

Trudy Gold is the former C.E.O of the London Jewish Cultural Centre, and one of the founder members of the British delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. She has taught Modern Jewish History in schools and universities and for adult groups throughout the World. She has coordinated teacher training in Jewish History and Holocaust Studies in Eastern Europe and latterly in China. She is the author of The Timechart History of Jewish Civilisation and the student resources “Understanding the Holocaust” and the digital resource “Lessons of the Holocaust”.

Date:Sun 3 Mar
Start time:12.30pm (Doors: 12pm)
Venue:Hall Two
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