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Mostly Lit

London Podcast Festival 2019

Thu 12 Sep 2019

Mostly Lit

London Podcast Festival 2019

Irreverent, intelligent and hilarious Mostly Lit is a multi-award-winning books and pop-culture podcast, hosted by Alex Reads and Raifa Rafiq – and managed and produced by Clarissa Pabi.

The Lit in ‘Mostly Lit’ is a double entendre, delineating Alex and Rai’s passion for books whilst also signalling that their podcast is about much more than ‘literature for literature sake’ – it is about what things are cool, current, and interesting, and how, more often than not, books are a part of that.

Join them for #MostlyLitLive in a special live edition of their weekly show where they’ll discuss the intersection between literature, film, and pop-culture and host a Q&A. Keep up to date with them on Twitter @mostlylit for exciting announcements about their live show.

Their guest for this show will be JJ Bola.

Date:Thu 12 Sep 2019
Start time:7pm (Doors: 6.30pm)
Venue:St Pancras Room

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