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The Empire Film Podcast – 450th Episode

The Do-Over

Wed 28 Jul

The Empire Film Podcast – 450th Episode

The Do-Over

The Empire Film Podcast returns to its spiritual home of Kings Place for another landmark episode — their 450th. Join Chris Hewitt and his colleagues and special guests for another evening of film-related fun, live in Hall One.

The award-winning (but mostly award-losing, let’s be honest) Empire Podcast is returning to Kings Place — and we’d love to see you there. Because of you-know-what, we were unable to hold our usual live celebration of a landmark episode — in this case episode 450 — earlier in the year. But now, with jabs in our arms, hope in our hearts and tears in our eyes, we’re coming back to Kings Place for Episode 450: The Do-Over.

So, join the colleagues of such lethal cunning/giggling idiots, Chris Hewitt, Helen O’Hara, James Dyer and, trains permitting, Terri White, for an evening crammed with so much film-related fun that it’s probably illegal. News! Reviews! Nonsense! And some guests that will blow your mind. Not literally; we’ve checked and that’s definitely illegal.

And, as Kings Place isn’t operating at full capacity just yet, this one should sell out fast. Be quick — last one into Hall One has to buy everyone an Infinity Saga box set! Probably.

Date & start time:Wed 28 Jul – 7pm
Venue:Kings Place Hall One - GA

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