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Untold Stories

The Podcast Festival Maker Weekend

How I Made This

Sat 14 Sep 2019

Untold Stories

The Podcast Festival Maker Weekend

How I Made This

In this session, Morgan M Page (One From the Vaults) and Jason Reed (Stop and Search) will go through why and how they make their podcasts. Both shows focus on communities, histories and issues that don’t get widely (or well) represented in mainstream media. This session should be of interest to people involved in those issues and communities as well as to anyone thinking about how to explore and represent untold stories in an audio form.

One From the Vaults is a trans history podcast that brings you all the dirt, gossip, and glamour from trans history. Morgan M Page will be sharing the challenges and joys of making this podcast on both sides of the Atlantic. In the show she narrates researched history based essays, laced with archival footage, that showcase a trans history that is framed by, and centres, trans voices and perspectives.

Stop and Search is made by Jason Reed and aims to deconstruct our laws; take a look at many overlapping issues and ask ‘what’s really going on in society’? With a mix of live panel discussions, celebrity guests, policy experts, rolling news content, and general inquisitiveness, it tries to get to the bottom of our relationship with drugs. Stop and Search is created in association with LEAP UK and proudly part of Scroobius Pip’s Distraction Pieces Network. It won two British Podcast Awards in 2018.

Morgan M Page

Originally from Canada, Page’s nightmarish performance and video art has shown in galleries and festivals around the world, including the Brooklyn Museum (New York, 2016), the New Museum Resource Centre (New York, 2018), NEMAF New Media Arts Festival (Seoul, South Korea, 2013), and the Adelaide Street Gallery (Melbourne, Australia, 2014).

A 2014 Lambda Literary Fellow, her essays have been published in Dazed, Buzzfeed, the Globe and Mail, GUTS Magazine, and CBC Arts, as well as in anthologies including Best Sex Writing of the Year, vol 1 (Cleis Press) and Red Light Labour (UBC Press, 2018). Her fiction has been published in literary magazines such as Plenitude Magazine, as well as in anthologies such as Meanwhile, Elsewhere: Science Fiction and Fantasy from Transgender Writers (Topside Press, 2017).

Jason Reed

Jason Reed is a writer, podcaster and film producer. Jason has written for The Independent, Vice, Virgin, inews, the BMJ,, and is a columnist for Pod Bible magazine covering podcasts with a social conscience. His film credits include Associate Producer to the Oscar longlisted film The Culture High, and he’s appeared on the BBC and Channel 4.

Jason is the Executive Director of Law Enforcement Action Partnership UK (LEAP UK) and host of Stop and Search, a British Podcast Awards double-silver winning show about drugs, mental health and addiction produced for the Distraction Pieces Network. Having suffered with a housebound disability most of his life, Jason champions podcasts and their power in projecting much needed conversations on social causes.

Date & start time:Sat 14 Sep 2019 – 2pm

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