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East Meets West: Dance

National Orchestra of Korea and the Philharmonia Chamber Players

Wed 13 Dec 2017

East Meets West: Dance

National Orchestra of Korea and the Philharmonia Chamber Players

Trad. Daepungryu
Sung Kook Kim Three Colour Fire (Gayaguem solo)
Trad. Namdo Sinawi
Ji Hye Choi House of Emotions
Members from the National Orchestra of Korea:
Hyung Hee Moon daegeum (transverse bamboo flute)
Min A Kim piri (double-reed oboe)
Soo Ryun An haegeum (two-stringed vertical fiddle)
Yang Sook Moon gayageum (plucked zither)
Ea Jin Kang ajaeng (bowed zither)
Je Ho Yeon percussion
Seung Ho Lee percussion
Eun Cho cello (guest performer)
Dvořák String Quintet No. 2, Op. 77
Piazzolla Libertango (arr. Julian Milone)
Philharmonia Chamber Players
Lulu Fuller violin
Eugene Lee violin
Yukiko Ogura viola
Richard Birchall cello
Michael Fuller double bass

The final concert of the series is based around the theme Dance. Dance and music have been inseparable from the very beginning with their origins being in ancient rituals.

Members of the National Orchestra of Korea will perform traditional ensemble music ‘Sinawi’ and ‘Daepungryu’ as well as contemporary pieces written by Sung Kook Kim and Ji Hye Choi. ‘Sinawi’ was originally performed by shaman-musicians during rituals that accompanied the shaman’s songs and dances. ‘Daepungryu’ is a music that is still widely performed in shamanic rituals, mask dances, and festive occasions.

The Philharmonia Chamber Players will then take to the stage. Antonin Dvořák’s interest in dance music came from his Czech background with  traditional Bohemian folk dances being  part of his heritage. His much-loved string quintet No. 2 Op. 77 is put alongside Astor Piazzolla’s Libertango.

Date & start time:Wed 13 Dec 2017 – 7.30pm
Venue:Hall One

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