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Francisco Correa + Andrea Vettoretti

IGF London Guitar Festival

Sat 21 Oct

Francisco Correa + Andrea Vettoretti

IGF London Guitar Festival

Francisco Correa guitar
Andrea Vettoretti guitar

Praised by Gramophone for his ‘eloquence’ and by Soundboard Magazine for his ‘beautiful and expressive playing’, Colombian guitarist Francisco Correa has captivated audiences with his virtuosic and nuanced performances.

Part 1: Francisco Correa plays the world premiere of Stephen Goss’ Winterbourne Preludes 

With a deep passion for both Western Classical and Latin American repertoire, Francisco has established himself as a versatile and sought-after guitarist, performing extensively across the UK, Europe, and South America. Today he presents the world premiere of Stephen Goss’ Winterbourne Preludes.

Francisco commissioned this work through his imaginative ‘#AdoptAPrelude’ Crowdfunder campaign. He had the idea that 12 members of the public could provide funding to ‘adopt’ a prelude. In return, they would get to choose a name for their prelude and even have a say in the creative process.

The preludes are organised in 4 groups of 3, but any number of preludes may be performed in any order. Each group of 3 has a ‘moto perpetuo’ prelude flanked by 2 contrasting ones. These groups of 3 could be performed separately, or the 4 ‘moto perpetuo’ preludes could be performed as a set. Individual preludes could be used to introduce other pieces in a recital. Preludes could be dispersed across a programme, rather than being placed together. They could even be performed between movements of longer works. Steve and Francisco wanted maximum flexibility.

Part 2: Andrea Vettoretti’s music interacts with cosmic sounds.


Permanent Waves 
Quantum One 
The Winter Way 
Sound From Stars 
A day with you 
Blue Down 

(All pieces composed by Andrea Vettoretti)

Andrea Vettoretti is one of Italy’s leading performers and composers for guitar. His classical education took him to the Giacomo Rossini Conservatory in Fermo and later to the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris where he, under the tutelage of Alberto Ponce, won the Diplome Supérieur de Execution” and the “Diplome Supérieur de Concertiste”. After an early career where he won 13 international music competitions, Andrea went on his own innovative path. His concerts are accompanied by choreographed lighting and sound effects which follow the music, interpreting it in a poetic, passionate and elegant way.

His many collaborations with musicians of all stylistic background as well as with dancers, singers, choreographers and film directors have produced a number of unique projects. He has recorded 10 CDs for various companies and can be heard on digital platforms such as Spotify and iTunes.

His music has been used by the Cannes Film Festival awardee director Davide Del Degan in his short films and in the video Sensations, which won of the Akademia Music Award.
Andrea Vettoretti is also sponsor and ambassador of a musical education program for children from the Santa Eulalia Valley in Peru, known as Musicare.

His new album Quantum One, is available in all digital and CD formats. Quantum One is a concept album dedicated to the Universe, where the interaction between sounds coming from space and the music expressed in compositions for guitar, cello and clarinet, become a message of awareness of humanity. The album will feature various appearances including Italian actress Sabrina Impacciatore and Grammy Award winner Andrew York.

This event will last approximately 2 hours including an interval. Each artist will play one half of this concert.

Date:Sat 21 Oct
Start time:7.30pm (Doors: 7pm)
Venue:Hall Two

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