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Ligeti 100: The Devil’s Staircase

Sat 7 Oct 2023

Ligeti 100: The Devil’s Staircase

Ligeti March
Polyphonic Etude CO & KA (duet)
En Suspens, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Entrelacs CH
Ligeti Fém, Galamb Borong DD
Chin In C, Sequenzen, Scherzo ad Libitum CH
Ligeti Arc-en-ciel, Autumn in Warsaw, Fanfares DD
Sonatina, Allegro, Three Wedding Dances (duet) CO/KA
Chin Scalen, Toccata, Grains CH
Ligeti Cordes-a-Vide, Devil’s Staircase DD
Danny Driver (DD) piano
Clare Hammond (CH) piano
Charles Owen  (CO) piano
Katya Apekisheva (KA) piano

Danny Driver leads an immersive journey through György Ligeti’s Etudes, with their high-octane imagination and breath-taking technical demands, interwoven with works by his star pupil Unsuk Chin.

Composed during the 1980s and 1990s, György Ligeti’s dazzling Études have already become modern classics, absorbing the attention of pianists, composers, and contemporary music audiences worldwide. They are as feared for the uncompromising singularity and extremity of their technical demands as they are celebrated for their musical ingenuity, striking originality, range and variety of feeling. Their accessibility to a wide listenership, and their astonishing range of musical and non-musical inspirations make them enduring masterworks.

Guest-curated by Danny Driver, one of today’s leading Ligeti interpreters, this immersion concert will take listeners into the fascinating world of Ligeti, his influences and legacy. Clare Hammond will bring her exceptional playing to three mesmerising Etudes by Ligeti’s most famous pupil, Unsuk Chin.

This performance will last 100 minutes, without an interval. 

Date:Sat 7 Oct 2023
Start time:12pm (Doors: 11.30am)
Venue:Hall One

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