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Welcome to the celebratory fifth anniversary edition of London Piano Festival 2020!

We are delighted to follow upon the successes of our four previous festivals with another uniquely exciting and widely contrasted series of piano performances all held in the vibrant, contemporary settings of Kings Place.

The festival opens with a recital by the masterly Russian pianist Vadym Kholodenko, widely regarded as one of the most distinctive players of the younger generation. An electrifying evening is promised by acclaimed Polish jazz pianist Marcin Wasilewski, whilst younger listeners can enjoy the riotous thrill of ‘Fabulous Beasts’ through the music of Stravinsky & Saint-Saëns, accompanied by dazzling visual imagery. This concert forms part of the year-long Nature Unwrapped series at Kings Place.

Music and words combine for two special events: a lecture-recital on symmetry by mathematician Marcus du Sautoy, coupled with Charles Owen’s performance of Bach’s Goldberg Variations. Beethoven 250 celebrations continue apace with an opportunity to discover insights into the music, historical background and fortepiano, as revealed by pianist & broadcaster David Owen Norris. This lecture links to Katya Apekisheva’s fascinating afternoon recital entitled ‘The Young Ludwig’.

The central event is the ever-popular Two-Piano Gala where six pianist friends will team up in various combinations to present a huge range of repertoire, from Mozart to Rachmaninov via Stravinsky’s ground-breaking The Rite of Spring, a further tribute to Nature Unwrapped. Our new co-commission for 2020 will feature music by Sally Beamish, a British composer with a deeply imaginative voice. We look forward to welcoming audiences to this festive occasion!

Charles Owen & Katya Apekisheva

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Vadym Kholodenko

Classical / London Piano Festival

Vadym Kholodenko is one of the most inspiring young pianists performing today. In this special recital, he plays music by four of the best-loved pianist composers: Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninov and Albéniz.

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Sounding Symmetry: Bach Goldberg Variations – Charles Owen & Marcus du Sautoy

Classical / London Piano Festival

A lecture recital on Bach’s iconic Goldberg Variations featuring acclaimed pianist Charles Owen as well as mathematician and Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science, Marcus du Sautoy.

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Marcin Wasilewski

Jazz / London Piano Festival

Pianist Marcin Wasilewski is one of the brightest stars of the Polish jazz scene. His dynamic playing and melodic sound makes him one of the most defining voices of contemporary jazz.

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Beethoven the Virtuoso – Illustrated Lecture with David Owen Norris

Classical / London Piano Festival

Beethoven stormed into Vienna in his early twenties, improvising at the piano in a dazzling new way. David Owen Norris explores this phase of Beethoven’s career with the aid of an 1802 Schantz Grand Pianoforte.

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The Young Ludwig – Katya Apekisheva

Classical / London Piano Festival

In this afternoon recital, renowned pianist Katya Apekisheva explores three of the most fascinating early keyboard works by Beethoven.

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Pre-Concert Talk with Sally Beamish and Owen Mortimer

Words / London Piano Festival

Celebrated composer Sally Beamish talks to Owen Mortimer (International Piano) about her new piece for two pianos, which will receive its European premiere in the Two-Piano Gala.

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Two-Piano Gala with Katya Apekisheva, Charles Owen, Vadym Kholodenko, Noriko Ogawa, Kathryn Stott & Finghin Collins

Classical / Nature Unwrapped

Six internationally-acclaimed pianist friends team up in various pairings for an evening of enormous variety, including Stravinsky’s seminal masterpiece The Rite of Spring and a new work by Sally Beamish.

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Fabulous Beasts

Family / London Piano Festival

Animals both real and fantastical will be brought to life through the imaginations of two brilliant composers, with imagery and storytelling.

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