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Broadside Hacks & Shovel Dance Collective

+ 'The Broadside Hack' screening (UK Premiere)

Thu 25 Aug

Broadside Hacks & Shovel Dance Collective

+ 'The Broadside Hack' screening (UK Premiere)

We are excited to present an evening of film and live music, featuring two of the most exciting collectives from the burgeoning UK folk scene today, Broadside Hacks and Shovel Dance Collective.

Broadside Hacks

More than just a band, a label, a club, a promoter, Broadside Hacks is a collective which approaches folk music with both creative freedom and a healthy respect for the past. It’s a sprawling group composed of an array of brilliantly talented individual artists – among them Katy J Pearson, Naima Bock and members of Goat Girl, Sorry and caroline – which has been performing acclaimed shows across the country.

Shovel Dance Collective

A group of nine musicians exploring the folk traditions of these islands (and beyond). Nurturing the history of the source material, they bring sensibilities drawn from drone, improvisation, and metal. In so doing, aiming to uncover proto-feminist narratives and queer histories, and to make heard the voices of the working people that created and create the wealth of the world.

The Broadside Hack

‘The Broadside Hack’ is a short documentary film from British Underground exploring the influence of traditional folk songs on a new generation of musicians. The documentary was made in collaboration with Broadside Hacks and features Shovel Dance Collective, Thyrsis, Caroline and Boss Morris. It was filmed at Real World Studios in Box, Wiltshire in August 2021 and is part of British Underground’s ‘Looking for a New England’ series of showcases.

Co-presented by Bird On The Wire

Date:Thu 25 Aug
Start time:7.30pm (Doors: 7pm)
Venue:Hall One
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