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Down is Up + Lætitia Sadier

Performing the music of Moondog


Sat 12 Feb

Down is Up + Lætitia Sadier

Performing the music of Moondog


Down Is Up are a 12-piece London-based group who perform the music of composer, instrument maker, and occasional couplet writer, Moondog.

Born Louis Harden in America in 1916, Moondog’s music is known for both its accessibility and intricacy. A true auto-didact, Moondog taught himself the rules of classical tonal counterpoint and combined his knowledge with what he lovingly called the ‘heartbeat’: a strong steady pulse played by the composer on his self-invented instrument The Trimba.

Eschewing the musical fashions of the time, from Serialism to Minimalism, Moondog created a music which was both backward and forward looking, strangely both conservative and progressive.

‘A true American maverick who bucked the system, fought the powers and won on his own terms’ John Zorn

We are delighted to announce that Lætitia Sadier will be opening for Down is Up. The French musician is best known as a founding member of the London-based avant-pop band Stereolab and will be performing material from her solo albums.

‘Laetitia Sadier has one of the most recognizable voices in all of indie rock. For well over a decade she provided the sanguine vocals for Stereolab, arguably one of the most profoundly influential — and deeply underrated — bands of the past 20 years.’ Stereogum

Date & start time:Sat 12 Feb – 8pm
Venue:Hall Two
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