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Pan Daijing + Hatis Noit

Sat 9 Feb 2019

Pan Daijing + Hatis Noit

‘Get’s your heart racing and palms sweating; it’s enthralling and addictive yet disconcerting and uncomfortable. Pan has reasserted her penchant for the uncomfortable, in a sonic iteration of the discomfort of David Lynch’s Eraserhead.’ The Wire

‘While her music is stunning on its own, it is in performance where Pan Daijing truly hits her stride. She builds her shows to the last detail, thinking of costumes, physicality, lighting, and visuals.’ CRACK

‘Daijing presents a dream, the plot of which, after waking, you can’t quite piece together. Its walls of sound become etched onto your mind’s surface. It’s a vision that lingers in your psyche’ Resident Advisor

Please note this performance may contain strobe lighting effects. 

Pan Daijing is a self-taught, self-proclaimed outsider who makes music, art, and tells stories. Born and raised in Guiyang, Southwest China, she has been hiding in Berlin since 2016.

Rooted in noise music, her raw approach as a composer and performer takes many forms; primarily performance art, sound, dance and installation, hinging heavily on improvisation and acts of storytelling. Soul exposing utterances and sonic, aesthetic outbursts as a means of direct communication are the main tendons of her practice; vehicles of power and vulnerability are interwoven in her work sensorially rather than as statements. The output is poetic and uncanny, often oscillating along paradoxical conceptual states.

Cited as one of the most exciting figures in the current avant-garde, she has released an acclaimed album debut, Lack, on PAN, and has showcased her work and performed in museums, theatres, churches and underground clubs as well as festivals such as CTM, Sonar, Unsound and the London Contemporary Music Festival. She is currently constructing a multidisciplinary new opera, a collaboration with designer Ximon Lee, as well as her next LP.

Pan Daijing will be supported by the Japanese vocal performer Hatis Noit, whose accomplished range is astonishingly self-taught, inspired by everything she could find from Gagaku — Japanese classical music — and operatic styles, Bulgarian and Gregorian chanting, to avant-garde and pop vocalists.

Released on Erased Tapes, her latest EP llogical Dance creates unique song-worlds with transcendent vocal interpretations that at once deconstruct and recombine Western Classical, Japanese folk and nature’s own ambience atmosphere. The EP also features Björk-collaborators Matmos, who were so impressed with Hatis Noit’s recordings, they volunteered to edit the lead track Illogical Lullaby.

Having recently moved to London and performed a first string of UK shows, followed by a special live performance at the Milan Fashion Week, Hatis Noit has previously supported Peter Broderick at the Jazz Cafe. She’s also been announced as part of this year’s Sea Change Festival line-up, and asked to participate in a workshop with the London Contemporary Orchestra.

‘The magic in Illogical Dance lies squarely in the human voice itself; Hatis Noit bends her vocals into so many shapes that other instruments simply seem redundant.’ Drowned in Sound

‘Words don’t really do it justice – an extraordinary piece of music’ Clash on IIlogical Lullaby

This event is part of Luminate, a new contemporary music series at Kings Place.

Date:Sat 9 Feb 2019
Start time:8pm (Doors: 7.30pm)
Venue:Hall One

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