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Synthesis: Lunch Money Life + Joviale + un.procedure

Curated by Cassie Kinoshi

London Unwrapped

Fri 10 Dec

Synthesis: Lunch Money Life + Joviale + un.procedure

Curated by Cassie Kinoshi

London Unwrapped

London Unwrapped Artist in Residence Cassie Kinoshi (SEED. Nérija, Kokoroko) presents a curated night of three forward-reaching artists from our capital

‘As part of my London Unwrapped residency at Kings Place, I’m excited to present Synthesis – a curated night of three forward-reaching artists from London; three artists who merge multiple forms of artistic expression to share their messages with the universe. I’d like the audience to leave having been taken on a personal journey influenced by the city’s musical landscape today, woven via a series of captivating sonic and audiovisual experiences.’ Cassie Kinoshi

Lunch Money Life make apocalypse music. As the end becomes ever more certain, Lunch Money Life become ever more necessary, a band willing to paint the decrepit face of our ailing surroundings. Obsolescent electronics mangle with jagged guitars, combative drumming and bleak low-end murmur, immersing the listener in a world of disgust and yearning.

The players have been on the fringes of the London music scene for years, between them creating & sculpting Church of Sound, Total Refreshment Centre, Touching Bass & Tiff’s Joints. In the wake of 2018’s sold-out collaboration with Jamaican outfit Equiknoxx – Living3000 EP – the group has released ‘Immersion Chamber’ a dark and dramatic trip, combining gorgeous and glacial swells of electronically-augmented brass, skulls rattling heavy psych grooves and turns of pace at every corner. Their 2021 EP Tarmac the Lake sees a further evolution of their sound – their most dynamic material yet, unafraid to explore extremities.

For all their theatrics on record, the greatest demonstration of Lunch Money Life’s bold progression on Tarmac the Lake will comes in the live context. As Jack Martin (electronics/trombone) describes “our primary mode of existence is to play a show with people in the same room as us”. You can expect this show to be uncompromising, a glorious collision of light and heavy.

Joviale is a multidisciplinary artist from North London making otherworldly, immersive music that plays with “minimal textures, killer interjections and vocals that are equal parts restraint and rage.” (The Times) Looping these high vocals with heady, emotional chords, they weave a screen around the listener, pulling them into chaptered, strangely sweet variations of the artist, divided out across albums, and designed to generate a performative atmosphere, both on stage and through the recording.

On her 2021 EP Hurricane Belle [NEVER SEVEN], Joviale combines warm sensual exposure with a flash of teeth, as the fictional Hurricane Belle whirls onto the scene, an embodiment of the “sense of electric and spiralised chaos” erupting from the artist’s centre. As written in the accompanying prose for the album, “Let yourselves into my breath, my rhythm and my core. Take pleasure in the whiplash of this collection.”

Piera Onacko and Cassie Kinoshi present un.procedure, a new project which takes a deep and exploratory dive into free improvisation, heady soundscapes and tight, angular grooves. With live electronics at the band’s heart, they have teamed up with Birmingham based drummer and electronic artist Nathan England-Jones to collaborate as a trio. Expect a set that jumps from the aurally jarring world of early sci fi film scores to spiralling krautrock passages. Birmingham artist and photographer David Stanley (GURIBOSH) has been following the band’s creative process, with a suitably surreal visual accompaniment planned for the launch and beyond.

Date & start time:Fri 10 Dec – 8pm
Venue:Hall Two
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