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+ Coby Sey (DJ set)


Fri 9 Feb


+ Coby Sey (DJ set)


We are excited to present the full live debut of V/Z, the new project from world-renowned drummer composer Valentina Magaletti and multi-instrumentalist Zongamin. Before V/Z’s live show, we’re delighted to welcome the South East London songwriter, producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Coby Sey for a very special DJ set.

In the summer of 2022, the duo teamed up in their East London studio to create an album of Dub / Post-Punk influenced material, featuring Vanishing Twin’s Cathy Lucas, Coby Sey and Venus Ex Machina.

Dub postcards, east London boats, reflections in the eye of a cat, swallowing your tarot card, spitting echo from calming substances, yellow paint on our shut down local brunch spot, post-punk golden rules, shaking metal memories in a glass jar.

‘Valentina Magaletti and Zongamin make a fluid and effortless pair on their stellar debut record of dubby post-punk’ Resident Advisor 

‘Whilst its brief twenty-eight minute runtime flashes by, leaving us gasping for more, Suono Assente never feels rushed. Making the temporary existence of this transient brilliance feel even more exceptional.’ The Quietus

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Coby Sey is a songwriter, producer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and DJ, who, after years spent buzzing around the DIY artist circuitry of South East London, has developed a distinctive presence as an artist and performer.

Coby’s recorded work spans the realms of live instrumentation, sample-based productions and experimental music, melding recognisable motifs of hip-hop, noise, jazz and grime into a dubbed-out anaesthesia.

On stage, the dreamlike compositions are imbued with a heavy, uneasy dancefloor energy, and fleshed out by live instrumentation courtesy of his revolving band of close South East London cohorts including Alpha Maid, Ben Vince, Charlie Hope, CJ Calderwood and Momoko “MettaShiba” Gill.

Coby’s open-door approach to sharing and making music is evident in his long-term collaborations with Mica Levi and Tirzah, as well as with Speakers Corner Quartet, Klein, TYSON, Laurel Halo and more. He is also a founding member of London’s CURL collective (with Mica and Brother May), and hosts a monthly radio show on NTS since 2015, offering a peek into his appealingly murky musical world.

Coby’s long awaited debut album Conduit was released in September 2022 through AD 93.

Date:Fri 9 Feb
Start time:8.30pm (Doors: 8pm)
Venue:Hall Two

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