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William Basinski + Ben Vince

On Time Out of Time

Sun 7 Jan 2018

William Basinski + Ben Vince

On Time Out of Time

Avant-garde composer William Basinski comes to Kings Place with a brand-new project on the subject of Time.

In this new work, On Time Out of Time (2017), Basinski uses exclusive recordings from The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory to create a visceral experience of inconceivable magnitudes. With his signature mastery of extended processes of entropic decay, he follows the 1.3 billion-year gradual disintegration of these trailblazing waves as they journey to Earth. Stretching and lagging the sonified samples, the sound cascades outwards, accruing subtle melodies and loops, meticulously assembled in an all-embracing drone composition.

Listen to an excerpt from Basinki’s 2015 album, Cascade:

William Basinski is supported by Ben Vince.

A newcomer to London’s experimental music scene, Ben Vince has already made waves with his improvised saxophone looping project.

Rooted in improvisation, his saxophone works embrace the contours of dynamic, emotive landscapes where rich motifs coalesce and feel their way around each other. Vince’s latest albums, Monuments and Insignia, explore progressive minimalist structures that undulate in and out of phase whilst not being afraid to suddenly warp or elevate unexpectedly. The result is a soothing yet transcendent journey into glacial melodies, drones and velvet-like bass tones.

Date:Sun 7 Jan 2018
Start time:8pm (Doors: 7.30pm)
Venue:Hall One

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