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IMMORTAL (Promoted Hire)

Production, Promotion and Direction by Susan Lund

Fri 18 Sep

IMMORTAL (Promoted Hire)

Production, Promotion and Direction by Susan Lund

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‘My chief aim when I was composing this grand mass was to arouse and permanently instil religious feelings not only in the singers but in the listeners also.’ Beethoven

How did the man who in 1807 wrote the Mass in C barely a decade later start work on his Missa Solemnis? What lay behind his self-styled ‘greatest work’?

Marking the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, Susan Lund’s IMMORTAL brings to life the love affair between Antonie Brentano and Beethoven, and Karl Josef, their son, in a play based on Beethoven’s letters and contemporary records.

The actress Andrea Black steps back in time into the shoes of Antonie Brentano in a one-woman performance that includes twenty-eight extracts from Beethoven works.

Karl Josef was struck down at the age of four by an illness that left him incapacitated, unable to move or communicate. Beethoven did all he could within his power to create the music he hoped could reach the boy’s heart and arouse his immortal soul.

Susan Lund leaves in no doubt the true essence behind this immortal genius, shining a light on his forgotten son, who so rightfully needs to take up his place in history.

All proceeds will go to Helen & Douglas House, the world’s first Children’s Hospice.

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Date & start time:Fri 18 Sep – 6.30pm
Venue:St Pancras Room

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