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with Sound Intermedia


Thu 17 Jun 2021


with Sound Intermedia


Siwan Rhys piano, keyboard, voice
George Barton percussion, drums
Ian Dearden (Sound Intermedia) video, sound projection
Joanna Bailie Roll Call
Graham Fitkin Chain of Command
Pauline Oliveros Bye Bye Butterfly
CHAINES so smol (hewwo)
Oliver Sellwood Alias States
Nicole Lizée Softcore (European premiere)

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The electrifying GBSR Duo (George Barton and Siwan Rhys) investigate human solitude and identity at the mercy of history and technology in this AV Luminate show.

In an age when technology makes inroads into the inviolate core of our personalities, GBSR Duo (George Barton and Siwan Rhys) present a programme that investigates solitude and identity at the mercy of technology. Nicole Lizée subjects the music and interviews of Prince to extensive sound treatments, riffing on the endless proliferation of the music and image of a notorious recluse, at once omnipresent and always absent.

Joanna Bailie’s melancholic Roll Call creates and then destroys invented histories for students in a rediscovered school photograph, while Graham Fitkin’s Chain of Command ties the saturation of the modern news cycle to CIA interrogation techniques designed to obliterate the individual. Pauline Oliveros’s Bye Bye Butterfly bids a poignant farewell to the music of the past, and with it to one kind of constructed feminine identity.

Read a feature written by George Barton from the duo for more information on the concepts behind the programme: A post-Gutenberg programme: the music of insignificance

This event is supported by PRS Foundation

Date & start time:Thu 17 Jun 2021 – 8pm
Venue:Kings Place Hall One - GA

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