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Kelly Moran

Presented by Luminate & Parallel Lines

Wed 16 Oct

Kelly Moran

Presented by Luminate & Parallel Lines

‘New York artist’s avant-garde compositions break through to unique transcendence.’ Rolling Stone

‘For all the outward fragility of the sound, the EP [Origin] has a wiry resilience; fleeting though these ideas may have been, their impact lingers.’ Pitchfork

Following her sold-out Southbank Centre appearance earlier in the year, we are thrilled to welcome the genre-defying composer and pianist Kelly Moran, performing her free-form, ambient Warp Records debut, Ultraviolet and new EP.

The follow-up to 2017’s John Cage-influenced Bloodroot, Moran’s self-produced 2018 album Ultraviolet plays to a wider array of influences: dazzling inflections of jazz and dream pop, neo-classical and black metal, darkness and light. While continuing to use prepared piano, the classically trained artist is moving in a new, more intuitive direction, creating lush soundscapes using layers of synths and electronic textures. So impressed was the revered producer Daniel Lopatin — known to most as Oneohtrix Point Never — by Bloodroot, that he immediately enlisted the pianist for his live band, and made her keyboardist for his global Age Of tour.

The result of an epiphany that inspired Moran to break down her musical boundaries, Ultraviolet seeks to annihilate experimental music’s imposing image in the name of pure, unbridled intuition and human joy.

Date & time:Wed 16 Oct – 8.30pm
Venue:Hall One
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