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Cryptic – Artistic Associate

Cryptic is a Glasgow based internationally-renowned producing art house, presenting today’s most imaginative, innovative artists whilst also nurturing the creative talent of tomorrow. We create memorable experiences that engage and inspire our audiences, ‘ravishing the senses’ with multi-media performances that fuse music, sonic and visual art.

Founded by Cathie Boyd in 1994, the company thrives on artistic innovation and creative risk-taking, which has subsequently created an environment where artists have been encouraged to push artistic boundaries.

Recognising the need for a regular, supportive platform for emerging Scottish-based artists with fresh ideas, Cryptic launched Cryptic Nights (2009); followed by Cryptic Artists (2011), which sees the company acts as a mentor, producer and promoter for a number of selected artists UK-wide, giving them space and time to develop their practice. Glasgow’s Sonica festival (2012), sonic art for the visually minded, is Cryptic’s third programme of work, dedicated to world-class visual sonic arts. Sonica presents exceptional international artists alongside emerging UK talent in collaboration with renowned co-producers and venues.

To date, Cryptic has presented 172 productions (including 42 world premieres), which have been seen in 29 countries. In 2019, Cryptic celebrates 25 years of ‘ravishing the senses.’

‘Cryptic is unique: a producing organisation where imagination and creativity know no bounds. We’re very proud to have this Glasgow-based organisation as an Artistic Associate: they challenge us, and remind us just how transformative art can be.’ Peter Millican, Executive Chair