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London Sinfonietta – Artistic Associate

The London Sinfonietta is one of the world’s leading contemporary classical ensembles, with a core of 18 Principal Players. Its mission is to place the best new music at the heart of today’s culture; engaging and challenging the public through inspiring performances of the highest standard, and taking risks to develop new work and talent. Founded in 1968, the London Sinfonietta celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018, and with it, a rich musical history that has seen it commission over 350 works, and premiere many hundreds more.

Having held a world-leading position in education and participation work for many years, the London Sinfonietta continues this today with a belief that arts participation is transformational to individuals and communities, and new music is relevant to people’s lives.

The London Sinfonietta is a proud Artistic Associate at Kings Place, and this partnership enables us to produce innovative, boundary-breaking events which engage audiences in brilliant and sometimes challenging new music.

‘London Sinfonietta, the UK’s leading contemporary music ensemble, has made an original and deeply engaging contribution to Kings Place’s programme since the day we opened. Long may they continue to stimulate and surprise us.’  Peter Millican, Executive Chair

Turning Points

The London Sinfonietta continues this series of concerts which explore game-changing 20th century musical masterworks in new and innovative ways. Creating a different kind of relationship between orchestra, music and audience, the focus is on the audience’s experience, so you can explore the music and your own reaction to it, in the months before the concert and on the night itself. In its 50th Anniversary Season, the London Sinfonietta explores its own turning point: how David Atherton and Nicholas Snowman brought this pioneering music organisation into being, as well as the avant-garde chamber works of the London Sinfonietta’s colleague, Luciano Berio.

Turning Points is presented in collaboration with Kings Place and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

London Sinfonietta in Unwrapped

The London Sinfonietta plays a key role in Kings Place’s award-winning Unwrapped series, from a unique performance of In C in Minimalism Unwrapped, to an exploration of ‘avant cello’ in Cello Unwrapped. In 2019 we turn to Time, which underpins all music – whether composers tangle with it, suspend it or mark it passing. The London Sinfonietta will explore radical ideas in music and physics with Professor Malcolm Longair and music critic Tom Service, and bend your perception of time with the superhuman complexity of Nancarrow’s canons and the pulsing rhythms of Steve Reich’s Four Organs.