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Poet in the City – Artistic Associate

Poet in the City brings poetry to life beyond books, producing classic and contemporary poetry performances, experiences and conversations taking on major ideas, issues and people. We showcase biopics, use poetry to animate cultural movements and peer into ideas past and present, and create dramatic poetry experiences in major arts venues and unusual spaces. Since 2009, Poet in the City has made its significant mark by helping Kings Place establish itself as a new London home for poetry, having presented over 100 performances in fresh and exciting ways to a rapidly growing and loyal audience.

Poet in the City Producers

Launched in 2015, Poet in the City Producers is a talented group of 16-25 year olds changing the way we see poetry today by producing innovative media and live events to promote this age-old art form in the modern world. Poet in the City provides leadership training, industry skills workshops, networking opportunities and creative experiences to progress careers. Kings Place is the home of the Poet in the City Producers, generously helping to support the next generation of poetry producers, curators and innovators.

Poet in the City Producers have curated events and podcasts at Kings Place focusing on social issues and using poetry as a platform to facilitate discussions on a wide range of topics such as feminism in hip hop, Utopia, power dynamics within the media and issues surrounding body image.